Subgraph OS Alpha Notes, Caveats, and Troubleshooting

Subgraph OS

Alpha! Important Caveats

  • On first launch you should make sure that the time and date is correctly set in UTC!
  • Subgraph OS is alpha. It has not been security audited, not even by us. There will be bugs, including likely security bugs, and it is unfit for 'real' use.
  • While the release is signed (by an informal developer key), not all packages are signed yet. We are still finalizing our workflow for building and releasing packages, including the key management around this.
  • URL (web links) cannot be opened by clicking on them. Instead they need to be copied to the clipboard and pasted in the browser.
  • If Tor Browser does not start, it may be because Pax flags were not set. Run the following command: sudo paxrat -c /etc/paxrat/paxrat_tbl.conf to set them manually for Tor Browser.

Known important issues

  • There are currently multiple issues related to localization, at this point it is best to install in English.
  • Tor bootstrap may be slow at first boot or in live mode.
  • CoyIM is not yet stable, please report crashes or bugs to the development team.
  • Tor Browser Launcher writes Tor Browser into the user's home directory, and it is writeable inside the sandbox. We will replace Tor Browser Launcher with Tor Browser package. Issue here.

What is the default password for the Live mode?

  • The default password for the user in live mode is «live»

How do I list running sandboxes?

  • Use the OZ Gnome Shell Plugin (top)
  • Or run oz list

How do I enter a sandbox shell?

  • Use the OZ Gnome Shell extension (top)
  • Or run oz shell n (where n is the sandbox # from oz list)
  • See also the OZ client README.

How do I see Oz sandbox profiles?

  • Issue the command oz profiles in a terminal
  • Or look in /var/lib/oz/cells.d
  • Technical walkthrough on how OZ works currently is here.

Reporting bugs

Please report all bugs using Github issues, or if you absolutely cannot create an account contact us.

Make sure to search to ensure that the issue you are reporting is not already known to us.

  • General SGOS bugs can be reported here.
  • Bugs in OZ can be reported here.
  • Bugs in CoyIM can be reported here.

Gathing data for bug reports

  • While testing keep a window open running the following command: sudo journalctl -f
  • Tor logs to /var/log/tor/log
  • OZ logs to /var/log/oz-daemon.log
  • dmesg is useful for diagnosing grsecurity/PaX problems and seccomp bpf hits

Contacting us

We recommend contacting us through the following, in order of preference:


Documentation is still a work in progress, and is available as the Subgraph OS Handbook.