Download Subgraph OS Alpha Release

Downloads disabled as we are still developing Citadel and the new Subgraph OS. Check back soon for a new release.

Want to support Subgraph?

We now accept Bitcoin and Monero! You can send us Bitcoin at this address: 1KUnb8ivujnmrvW8qdtFMs3uUHcVVSuLtj

Or Monero: 48eVdZnXzafBaXY91WVgPJa8huGjydPVDYSWdKkwPuuR8uMa2RRRSfH5Kt4EnW63pRWcdNgCBB7DxWgiFQqQgxMhUjK1EAB

Getting Help & Contributing

Documentation and source code can be found on our github page.