Download Subgraph OS Alpha Release

Our fourth release is now available for download. Read the release note, and the usage and security caveats!

Please note that this software is still in alpha and much testing and bug fixing still has to be done.

System Requirements

Anything that can comfortably run GNOME 3:

  • 64-bit machine (Core2Duo or over)
  • 2GB of RAM (4GB recommended - 4GB minimum for live mode)
  • At least 20GB of hard disk space

Intel Integrated graphics cards or NVidia cards supported by the Nouveau drivers are recommended.

Your system MUST be set to the correct time UTC.

Want to support Subgraph?

We now accept Bitcoin and Monero! You can send us Bitcoin at this address: 1KUnb8ivujnmrvW8qdtFMs3uUHcVVSuLtj

Or Monero: 48eVdZnXzafBaXY91WVgPJa8huGjydPVDYSWdKkwPuuR8uMa2RRRSfH5Kt4EnW63pRWcdNgCBB7DxWgiFQqQgxMhUjK1EAB


Verifying the download

First download all three files, the iso image, the shasum, and the gpg signature.

Secondly verify the signature of the shasum file:

gpg --recv-key B55E70A95AC79474504C30D0DA11364B4760E444
# You can also get the fingerprint in the title of our IRC channel!
gpg --verify subgraph-os-alpha_2017-09-22_1.iso.sha256.sig subgraph-os-alpha_2017-09-22_1.iso.sha256

You will be prompted with a "Good Signature" message.

(The public key is also available here, in case you have difficulty retrieving it from keyservers)

You can now verify the shasum:

sha256sum -c subgraph-os-alpha_2017-09-22_1.iso.sha256

If everything is good, it will return:

subgraph-os-alpha_2017-09-22_1.iso: OK

After installing

After the installation process, you should make sure your system time is set the correct date and time UTC. You can change the system time using the "Time & Date" application (click on "Activities", then search for it by typing its name: "Time and Date").

Then, once Tor bootstraps, upgrade the system by running the following:

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt dist-upgrade --auto-remove --purge

If you want a non-Tor clearnet browser, just run:

sudo apt-get install chromium

Chromium should be configured to be the clearnet browser by default.

Getting Help & Contributing

Documentation and source code can be found on our github page, including the user handbook.

Bugs, issues, and feature requests can be added to our issue tracker on github.

We strongly encourage you also come and talk to us by joining our IRC channel on OFTC (webchat).

Subgraph OS Handbook - PDF
Subgraph OS Handbook - HTML