A Platform for Secure Communication

Subgraph OS was designed to enable secure communication, and key parts of a secure communications platform are the email and instant messaging clients. Subgraph includes Icedove and CoyIM for secure communication.


Icedove is a GUI-based, modern desktop email client. Icedove supports IMAPS and can be used with your existing e-mail service provider. Icedove is based on Mozilla Thunderbird, with the Enigmail (PGP) TorBirdy (anonymization) extensions configured to be used by default. Icedove runs under grsecurity, in the Oz sandbox, and over Tor by default.


Subgraph OS includes CoyIM, a new XMPP instant messenger client that has been written from scratch in a modern programming language resistant to memory corruption vulnerabilties. Like Icedove, CoyIM runs with grsecurity/PaX protections, is sandboxed with Oz, and connects over Tor by default.

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