Building Vega

Vega can either be built at the command-line (easier) or within Eclipse. This page contains instructions for both.

Obtaining the source code

To build Vega you must first obtain the latest source code. To download it from the Subgraph github repository, perform the following steps:

Linux / OS X

  1. Create a directory for the source tree:

    $ mkdir subgraph

    $ cd subgraph

  2. Use git to fetch the most recent source:

    $ git clone git://

Bleeding edge

If you want to try some of the newest features, check out the development branch before building:

$ cd Vega

$ git checkout develop

Building from the command line

Linux / OS X

  1. Change to the Vega directory

    $ cd Vega

  2. Run the ant script

    $ ant

  3. The builds will be in:

    $ ls build/stage/I.VegaBuild/


Building within Eclipse

1. Download Eclipse for RCP and RAP Developers

Download Eclipse

2. Create a new Workspace

Create Workspace

3. Go to the Workbench

Open Workbench

4. Select File => Import


5. Select "Import Existing Projects into Workspace"

Import Existing Projects into Workspace

6. Select the Vega/ subdirectory

Select Vega subdirectory

7. Once the import is complete, open (double click) "" in com.subgraph.vega.application:


8. Stuff will start to happen immediately, when it is complete, click on "Set as Target Platform" in the "" editor.

Set as Target Platform

9. Close "" and open "vega.product" in com.subgraph.vega.application

Vega Product

10. Click "Synchronize" in the "vega.product" editor


11. Click "Launch an Eclipse application" to run Vega for the first time

Launch Eclipse Application

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