Known Installation Issues on Windows

Make sure that you download the version of Vega that corresponds to your JRE. If you have 32-bit Java, you'll need to install 32-bit Vega, even if your OS is 64-bit.

Failed to create the Java Virtual Machine

This error can occur when starting Vega on 32-bit Windows systems. It is because the Vega memory requirements for the max heap size can't be met.


Edit the Vega.ini file in the Vega directory and change the value of the -Xmx parameter to 1536m or lower, save the file, and then restart Vega.

The line should read -Xmx1536m or -Xmx1024m instead of -Xmx2048m.

Known Installation Issues on Linux

Due to a Xulrunner incompatibility with Eclipse, Vega requires WebKit 1.0 and will fail if it is not installed. The error will instruct the user to set the MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME environment variable to the Xulrunner location. Ignore this. Use libwebkit-gtk - it can be installed through the package managers included with most Linux distributions.

On Ubuntu/Debian systems:

sudo apt-get install libwebkitgtk-1.0

On Fedora systems:

sudo yum install webkitgtk

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