Reporting Bugs and Feature Requests

If you have a feature request or find a bug, you can report it to us as an issue in our Github issue tracker.

Before creating an issue, please make sure of the following:

  1. Ensure that you have the latest build.
  2. Search our bug tracking system for duplicate reports.

All issues should include:

  • The build number (to get it, "Help -> About Vega")

A bug report should include:

  • A clear, succinct title that ideally summarizes what occurred and what was happening when the problem occurred. For example, "Scanner fails to follow a 3xx HTTP redirect under certain conditions" or "Proxy stops accepting requests after forwarding a malformed request".

  • A summary of the problem. Explain what unexpected behaviour occurred and what the expected behaviour was.

  • Precise steps needed to reproduce the problem. Let us know how frequently you are able to reproduce the problem.

  • If you received an error message, provide the contents of the error message.

  • If the bug resulted in a crash and there is a stack trace, include that in the report.

  • When possible, include a screenshot of the problem. It is possible to attach files to bug reports.

  • Java build information. You can obtain Java build information by invoking "java -version" in a terminal.

  • Any special details about the environment you were using the application in.

Using your real contact information when filing the report will enable our staff to correspond with you to clarify the issue if necessary.

It is better to include too much information than not enough! The more information you provide, the more likely it is the bug will be identified and fixed.

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